Achievements and Strengths


Our Experience in Fields as Well as the Product Development Phase, in which a High Degree of Reliability is Required, Shines

Achievements by Field

Total Number of Client Companies Approx. 1,000、Total Number of Projects Approx. 23,000、Embedded Devices/Industrial Systems Approx. 400 companies Approx. 11,000 projects Digital Consumer Electronics Mobile Devices Medical Equipment Transportation Equipment
、Automotive Approx. 130 companies Approx. 6,200 projects Car Navigation Systems Intelligent Transportation Systems
、Enterprise Approx. 170 companies Approx. 2,200 projects Business Systems (core systems/information systems)
Main Industries: Finance, Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Construction, etc.
、Web Sites Approx. 130 companies Approx. 1,400 projects EC Platforms SNS SaaS/Cloud Services
、Packaged Software Approx. 150 companies Approx. 1,800 projects Business Support Software
、Other Approx. 40 companies Approx. 400 projects

Note: The cumulative figures, which are VeriServe’s cumulative results up to FY2020, are estimated values.

Focusing on the automotive field, VeriServe has provided software verification services in various fields including consumer electronics, application packages, industrial equipment, mobile, cloud/web services, network devices, amusement, finance, and smart home/HEMS.​

Project Examples

Here we will introduce various projects that VeriServe was involved in.

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