Corporate Philosophy

Purpose and statement

Accelerate innovation and achieve lasting happiness through our ability to redefine software quality.

How VeriServe can help
achieve a sustainable society.
Cultivate our ability to redefine software quality
and be a reliable partner for those striving
to change society with technology.
Together with customers, take on new challenges and light the
way to implement and accelerate innovation in society.
Every member of VeriServe pursues the latest technology
to achieve the software quality that future innovation demands.
We believe that redefining software quality
increases the value of products and services transforming society
and has the power to deliver lasting happiness.
We believe in new possibilities and keep moving forward.

What does it mean to redefine software quality?

Our three software quality strengths

Continuing to question the meaning of quality

What will software quality mean in the future? Nobody knows for sure. We must keep learning the latest technologies,expanding our software quality knowhow,and tackling new challenges with inquisitive minds.

Proposing new quality standards (measures) ahead of others

Quality standards (measures) change as society changes. By embracing social changes and approaching them flexibly,we can develop new standards (measures) ahead of the competition.

Raising software quality in society

There are various ways to implement quality in society. Together with our customers, we will find the best and quickest ways to raise software quality.


  • Initiative

    Taking pride in being a software quality pioneer and rising to new challenges.

  • Integrity

    Tackling customers’ challenges sincerely and persevering to overcome all difficulties.

  • Exploration

    Honing our cutting-edge knowhow, mastering technology, and continuing to explore the future of quality demanded by society.

  • Teamwork

    Demonstrating both leadership and deference when working with customers.