VeriServe Corporate Behavior Charter and VeriServe Standards for Officer/Employee Behavior

VeriServe specifies items required to fulfil its corporate social responsibility, distributes them to officers and employees on small cards, and also thoroughly aims for CSR permeation and compliance through efforts such as the promotion of e-learning.

Charter Preamble

As a comprehensive software verification service group, we at the VeriServe Group aim to continue to create and provide services that support the sound and sustainable growth of customers, industry, and society as a whole.
Our mission is to fulfill our social responsibilities through the business activities of the Group and contribute to the development of society as a whole. To achieve this, we have established the VeriServe Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and VeriServe Standards for Officer/Employee Behavior, which all Group companies as well as officers and employees must follow and actively implement.

  1. 1.Legal Compliance
  2. 2.Sound Business Activities
  3. 3.Social Contribution and Environmental Conservation
  4. 4.Basic Behavior toward Customers
  5. 5.Information Disclosure
  6. 6.Thorough Management of Confidential Information and Protection of Personal Information
  7. 7.Intellectual Property Initiatives
  8. 8.Work Environment and Disaster Prevention Initiatives
  9. 9.Handling of Gifts and Entertainment
  10. 10.Initiatives against Anti-Social Forces