Message from the CEO

VeriServe Corporation was established in 2001 after spinning off from CSK (now SCSK) to become the world’s first independent company specializing in software verification. Since then, as a pioneer in third-party software verification, we have helped raise the quality and value of what our customers deliver in various fields of software.

In our rapidly changing society, software plays an increasingly vital role in resolving social issues. Companies striving to transform society through their businesses are finding that software is needed in ever-expanding areas and a balance must be achieved between development speed and high quality. To meet these expectations, we must use the experience and trust we have cultivated in redefining software quality to open up new business possibilities and improve our customer service.

VeriServe's goal is to "Accelerate innovation through the power to redefine software quality and realize lasting happiness." We will continue to share the future with our customers, think together and advance together toward the realization of a long-awaited sustainable society. We look forward to your continued support and understanding.


Chief Executive Officer
Yoshiyuki Shinbori

Yoshiyuki Shinbori