Achievements and Strengths

What VeriServe Thinks Verification Should Be

A Unique Method Containing our Experience and Know-how to Ensure High Quality

Testing for these three points contributes to QCD improvement

Defect detection, Confirmation of defect behavior, Defect control

VeriServe has three test objectives. During the downstream process (testing), operability is checked to ensure proper functionality, testing is accurately performed, and defects are detected. As important as this process is, preventing defects from entering into the upstream process (requirement definition and design) reduces the work required to repair defects and increases delivery speed. This results in improved cost benefits and greater product reliability.

Quality creation and quality assurance tests

In the upstream part of the development process, measures are taken to ensure quality and thus prevent the appearance of defects. In the downstream part of the process, quality assurance tasks are performed, preventing any defects from reaching the market. In addition, test automation is proactively implemented and tests are run using high standards’ and efficiently.

We provide the following services to create quality during the upstream portion of the development process.

Increasing the quality of development specifications

  • Review of development specifications using test perspective
  • Review of discrepancies between upper specifications (requests and requirements) and lower specifications (basic and detailed)

Raising the quality of test specifications

  • Review of test design and test items
  • Review comparing specifications to see whether or not test designs are designed as planned

Improving specification traceability and maintainability

  • Design high-quality tests using test perspective

Designed test items are accurately tested during the upstream process to make sure that everything functions are required, thus preventing any flow of defects into downstream quality assessment.

Aiming to create “the appeal of quality”

We take the issues our customers face seriously, and solve them using our test technology. We regard the services we provide as “verification that adds value” rather than just “testing.” Our aim is therefore to ensure your product or service has “the appeal of quality.” With our experience gained over many years and our own theories of verification, we continue to develop new verification methods and concepts and solve customers’ problems effectively from a verification standpoint.