Launching Our Comprehensive Support Service for Field Test Evaluation

VeriServe Releases an Experiment and Evaluation Solution for CASE/MaaS

VeriServe Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshiyuki Shinbori) is delighted to announce that it will launch the Comprehensive Support Service for Field Test Evaluation on May 19, 2022. This is a one-stop offering for systems that require field tests in autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS). Systems for AD/ADAS are constantly progressing forward, and we offer total support to boost the level of quality in development work for a wide range of products and services such as by checking the functionality of on-board devices and related applications while driving real vehicles.

1. Background behind the Launch of This Service

Competition is growing fierce regarding the development of systems used in AD/ADAS, with new systems being launched to the market at a regular pace. Research and development efforts continue to improve as well. As a result, there is a huge number of complex software applications installed in every single vehicle. In light of these trends, the human-vehicle interface in the cockpit (in and around the driver seat) has also become more sophisticated.

System verification and evaluation work is often conducted within a virtual simulation, but there is an increasing need to carry out field tests using real vehicles on public roads to ensure reliability. With a growing trend for information to be displayed digitally in vehicles, there is a need to verify quality in terms of visibility, operability, and convenience of mobility, as well as comfort in the cockpit.

However, it is difficult for clients to carry out field tests using real vehicles as it requires considerable effort and resources to arrange for test drivers, to design routes, and to manage the field test.

At VeriServe, we have supported efforts to boost software quality for about 40 years through our verification services across a wide range of fields. We also offer support in designing efficient routes for driving while leveraging our extensive track record and knowledge from field tests using real vehicles, as well as the tools that we developed through these field tests. Our achievements in high-quality field tests are a product of our ability to communicate in English with both Japanese and international manufacturers in the automotive industry.

2. Target Customers※1

  • Automobile manufacturers and suppliers who are developing systems for AD/ADAS
  • Companies involved in business related to connected services and MaaS

3. Service Flow

Based on an analysis of your requirements, we will design routes and create a plan for driving, and we will also arrange for vehicles, drivers, and engineers. We offer total support to boost the level of quality in development work for a wide range of products and services, such as by checking the functionality of on-board devices and related applications while driving real vehicles equipped with multiple devices on public roads at home and abroad.

Figure : Typical service flow

4. Service Features and Our Strengths

(1) Extensive track record in drive-testing at home and abroad

We boast a strong track record in field tests using real vehicles in 25 countries around the world. We can also assign Japanese engineers who can communicate in English to undertake work, as this is required when checking the functionality of on-board devices or evaluating the cockpit and related applications from overseas suppliers.

(2) Abundant achievements that supported the design of optimal routes

We provide comprehensive support by our proprietary systems: the FT Map System※2 that helps with designing drive routes, and TREES※3 that integrates different aspects for evaluation.

(3) Comprehensive evaluation support for linking connected platforms with vehicles

We provide comprehensive evaluation*4 support while working from a broad range of perspectives to link vehicles with applications, such as in the following areas:

  • Evaluating on-board devices using real vehicles
  • Evaluating performance in a real vehicle linked to a connected platform and a smartphone (end-to-end testing)
  • Verifying the compatibility between a smartphone app and a cockpit display audio (DA) system installed in a vehicle
  • Verifying connectivity with smartphones that support CarPlay (CP)※5 or Android Auto (AA)※6
  • Benchmark testing for BT/BLE※7 connections

(4) Proven flexible response

It is vital to handle and respond to a wide range of sudden and unexpected events (risks) that may occur throughout the process, such as rescheduling due to delays in development, redesigning test routes due to natural disasters or bad weather, and re-collecting data due to issues with recognizing road signs for obstructions. We flexibly respond to many different events that pose the hazard of delaying the entire project.

(5) Continued service updates in line with the advancement of IT

We update location data on charging stations as EVs gain popularity. We also work to update fleet management and safe driving measures, we collect and accumulate data for on-board devices, and we quickly adopt new guidelines and directions set through the activities of relevant organizations. Through these efforts, we expand and improve our services to help our clients always keep up-to-date with activities for boosting quality.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a once-a-century sea change.
The evolution of advanced technologies such as autonomous driving, AI, and IoT is expanding the possibilities for mobility. We view these changes in the business landscape as an opportunity, and we will help realize safe and comfortable mobility for society by offering high quality services that are unique to VeriServe.

※1 Our services have been highly rated by our clients, including IT service companies, marketing companies, and application development vendors for various types of devices.
※2 We developed the FT Map System as a proprietary offering that provides support in designing routes for driving. It features a knowledge base of location data (such as the number of lanes in roads, and EV charging stations) that we created through our past efforts in field tests with real vehicles.
※3 We developed TREES as a proprietary tool to help with designing tests. It includes our perspectives from past tests as abstract, structured knowledge.
※4 We cater to a wide range of requirements outside of the areas listed here, including work to evaluate the system based on the UI/UX of the cockpit as a whole (e.g., visibility, convenience, and comfort), log data collection, sensor data collection, and annotating collected sensor data.
※5 CarPlay (CP): A standard developed by Apple for using a car display to connect with and control an iPhone. To use this application, the iPhone needs to be connected to the vehicle via a Lightning cable or Bluetooth.
※6 Android Auto (AA): An application developed by Google that optimize an Android terminal to in-vehicle use.
※7 BT/BLE: Short for Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy.